Web Hosting Companies That will Suit Your Websites and Blogs

What is important in a web hosting company?
There three most important aspect of every top web hosting company are; Speed, Security and Support. Furthermore, we also include an additional “S” and this represents Scalability; this helps you understand whether or not you have been making progress on your website so far, or perhaps you have been kicking the tires for a long while now.
Now, we have a lot of web hosting services that come in a variety of price points and they also offer different packages, ranging from anywhere between a few cents per month up to thousands of dollars. 
And if you're a small business owner or a start-up, you wouldn't be needing ten's of thousands of dollars to begin your website journey, the former should just be enough.
Before choosing a web hosting company for your great website, there is a wide array of factors you need to consider.
Firstly, you need to understand;
* The amount of hand-holding you will be needing. What this means is; If you wou…

The Best SEO Practices For 2020

The Best SEO Practices For 2020:

Google is making the most significant change to its Search Engine Optimization system since they introduced the RankBrain Algorithm -A Machine Learning AI that handles a large number of queries on Google-, almost five years ago. 
Google informs that this will impact 1 in 10 search queries in terms of changing the results that rank for those queries. 
This article looks to providing you the best Google SEO practices to give your website the Organic Reach and engagement it deserves.
  Search Engine Optimization or SEO, for short, is a continuous practice every website, blog… requires for their online Search Engine Presence. SEO involves the method of increasing in the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. 
It entirely excludes the use of paid advertisements and direct visitors. 

And with the beginning of a new decade, Google Search Engine Introduces the BERT Algo…

Why You Need AI For Your Business

Why You Need AI For Your Business
Artificial Intelligence (AI), the sheer ability for a computer or a digitally controlled robot to perform tasks that over the years have always been associated with intelligence and human expertise.
Artificial Intelligence has shifted from being just tech inclined and can now be applicable in various business types.
Where AI for business comes in :
Inherently, automation is the best Way to get things done in the 21st century. Business Processes, Insight Gaining Through Data analysis and customer-Employee Engagement, benefits a lot from AI based Automation.
AI Based Automation Can be broken down into; lCognitive Insight lCognitive Engagement

These entails:
*The transfer of data from e-mail addresses and call centers, into systems of record - An Instance, we have; updating customer files on factual information based on address changes and or service addiction.

*Looking for new ways to replace lost credit or ATM cards, ultimately reaching up to multiple systems…

6 Benefits Of Home Robotics

6 Benefits Of Home Robotics

To own your very own home robot typically is perceived to be a very luxurious piece of technology, usually a riveting advancement of technology known to man. 
There are lots of inherent benefits to own your very own home robot, and this article looks to elaborate on them. 

The ability for robots to multitask, a skill as humans we try to do but at fault. 

A lot of companies today spend lots of money, time, and resources trying to build robots that multitask effectively, performing a lot more functions while paying a lot more attention to detail regardless of the infinite amount of noise present. 

For instance, we have a robot lawn mover; silently, they mow the lawn; that piece of technology makes a more comfortable life for families and the neighborhood in general as less noise implies way less tress to deal with. 

Home Robotics, asides from being used for house and yard chores, they can serve as great companions, very specifically to the aged. When we take it a s…

9 Legit Way You Can Make up to $100 in One day!

9 Legit Way You Can Make up to $100 in One day!
You can make up to $100 online in one day and this is because there are a lot of services, platforms, forums, Websites… that allow these to be possible. 
Making money online has become a lot easier to do, during recent times.
We have a lot of persons quitting their day job because they found out that dropshipping is where their heart lies in, or they fancy Forex Trading. Or perhaps they are fascinated by the convenience of sitting in the apartment in front of gadget and have money coming into your account. 
One may wonder, why should I make up to $100 in a day online? Well, why not?  You do know that there are times when the month can get tight then we anticipated, or perhaps the sudden impromptu insurance bill that you expected in a month, suddenly appearing in your mailbox the following week, or maybe you need to make an emergency grocery shopping to safeguard yourself and your home against any unforeseen lockdown.
Whatever the case may be,…

Make Money on Candynews During This Lockdown.

Make Money on Candynews During This Lockdown.

Oh, Lockdown. We didn't see this coming we had a lot going for this year, we planned, strategized and mapped out how we will spend each month of this year.
For most of us, this year was going to be our breakthrough year, for that one project we're working on and we just cannot wait to see the reviews coming in and topping the charts.
Fast forward, a few weeks into the year, we have the widespread pandemic; the new coronavirus. Apparently, we didn't plan for this.
We don't plan for unforeseen outcomes, but what we can do is look for ways to survive while going through them.
You are most likely home, self quarantining and perhaps if you're Nigerian, this is a hell of a tough time because we notice that expenditures are a lot more than income and this is a problem.
What if we run out of money? Food? How do we get supplies? Well, this article is for you.
As long as you have access to a smartphone and or laptop and a g…

Top 10 Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites Of 2020

Top 10 Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites Of 2020
What does it take to build a successful website for affiliate marketing in 2020?
Well, it takes a website that offers a lot of value,  without overselling. 
By now, you likely have seen websites that upon visiting, they push a lot of "buy now" across your screen and very many times without subtleties. 
The good thing is, they fall off the radar very quickly. The only ones that remain around are very dependant on Paid ads (We'll talk about why you should run paid ads soon) and well,  while this works,  you may end up spending a lot more money than you are gaining. 
Thus, a low Return On Investment (ROI).

We have tons of affiliate marketing websites that mainly focus on products and or services reviews and they make a good amount of money from it.

In (this website) today,  we show 10 successful websites for affiliate marketing in 2020 to take a cue from if you aim to carve a niche in this field.

10 successful web…